2025 BMW M5 Releases Another Teaser Ahead Of Upcoming Debut

There have been several marathon announcements this year, Volkswagen What happened Modest about the new Golf R Since January, BMW Making fun of the new generation M5 in touring form since last summer. Both are nearing the end of their run, and this week BMW has revealed a few more details about both cars. BMW… Source: ca.news.yahoo.com

BMW Unveils 2025 X5 Silver Anniversary Edition

In late 1999, a company that built its reputation on great sports sedans produced its first sport utility vehicle. Twenty-five years later, the majority of BMWs sold in America are SUVs. To mark this anniversary, BMW produced a commemorative version of its oldest SUV model. We'll leave you to guess what color the 2025 BMW X5 Silver Anniversary Edition will Read More

Consumer Reports Says You Shouldn't Buy These Popular Cars And Suggests Alternatives To Buy Instead

Volkswagen Jetta Sometimes, there's a reason why a particular car is popular. Honda CR-V Never Porsche MacanBut it offers a great combination of practicality, reliability and fuel economy that keeps generations of customers coming back for more. Another time,… Source: autos.yahoo.com

Top 21 Old Muscle Cars Of All Time

Have you ever driven a modern American muscle car? Modern muscle cars offer a great driving experience, but there's one thing that's better than modern muscle cars: classic muscle cars. Before the oil crisis, most American muscle cars and many Australian muscle cars were… Source: nextluxury.com

Excludes Hyundai Genesis Premium Brand

Hyundai's global public relations chief adamantly denied the creation of a separate luxury brand. At the Veloster Turbo launch in South Korea, motoring.com.au quizzed American-born Global PR Director Frank Ahrens. Hyundai Do you want to develop a premium brand? “The truth is, Hyundai has no plans for…” Source: www.carsales.com.au